BVRLA Report: Challenges of Net-Zero Emissions Exposed

The BVRLA’s Road to Zero report for 2024 has finally been released, shedding light on the challenges obstructing the UK’s journey towards zero-emission road transport.

The latest report unveils the market-wide hurdles impacting the transition to electric vehicles.

This annual report delves into the current progress in decarbonisation across vehicle supply, demand, and infrastructure. The 2024 edition, which can be accessed here, reveals how specific challenges at a market level are impeding the transition, creating significant obstacles.

Gerry Keaney, the chief executive of BVRLA, stated, “In this pivotal year for road transport decarbonisation, we are witnessing electric car registrations hitting a roadblock, a decline in demand for electric vans, and a looming collapse in the used EV market. The initial momentum we experienced is beginning to fade. Despite having over one million zero-emission vehicles on the road, demand is uneven. Although we see a growing number of public charge points being installed each month, confidence in the system is dwindling.”

The report, developed in collaboration with Ricardo, highlights that business leasing for electric cars remains robust, aiding manufacturers in meeting the ZEV mandate. However, there has been a slight dip in personal leasing demand. Usage of electric cars in rental services is limited, with low demand due to driver apprehensions regarding charging infrastructure and vehicle suitability.

The rollout of charge points is progressing well and is set to exceed the UK target of 300,000 units by 2030. The existing network has shown improvements in reliability, but the charging experience still needs refinement. Charge points accessible to vans are not yet widespread, with calls for advance booking and simplified payment methods for charges.

Furthermore, the Road to Zero Report delves into the shifting landscape of repair, maintenance, and insurance, alongside the status of the used Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) market and its future amidst changes in the UK’s car parc. Covering the key areas of vehicle demand, supply, and infrastructure, the report offers updated Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and progress markers.

The report also incorporates the latest industry data and analysis, featuring insights from senior stakeholders across the vehicle rental, leasing, fleet management, and related sectors.

Gerry Keaney emphasised, “This year’s Road to Zero Report presents a candid assessment of our current standing. It identifies the areas with the greatest potential for progress and how to invigorate sectors that have been overlooked. The incoming government must swiftly undertake targeted initiatives on charging infrastructure, the used vehicle market, and the transition to electric vans. Equipped with the insights from this report, we are prepared to engage in these crucial discussions immediately.”

The complete Road to Zero Report can be accessed via the dedicated website.

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