Transport Secretary prioritises green transport in new policy.

New Transport Secretary, Louise Haigh, has set out an ambitious vision to revolutionise the transport sector, with a strong emphasis on promoting green transport initiatives. Haigh has pledged to lead the most significant transformation in transport in a generation, promising a focus on better integration of transport networks and the prioritisation of eco-friendly modes of travel.

Haigh’s commitment to delivering on green transport is a noteworthy aspect of her agenda, signalling a progressive shift towards sustainable transportation solutions. She envisions an infrastructure that benefits the entire country, with a particular emphasis on improving railway performance and enhancing bus services, in line with the department’s manifesto objectives.

Speaking about her vision for the Department for Transport, Haigh highlighted the pivotal role of transportation in achieving the government’s broader objectives, such as economic growth, carbon neutrality, gender equality, and public health. She emphasised the need for a proactive and efficient approach, encapsulated in the department’s new motto: move fast and fix things.

Furthermore, Haigh stressed the importance of considering infrastructure and services in tandem, underscoring the department’s commitment to holistic planning and execution. As part of her strategic approach, she introduced key members of her team, each tasked with spearheading critical aspects of transport development, from road infrastructure to aviation and maritime security.

Among Haigh’s initial engagements was a series of discussions with Mayors and devolved leaders, focused on enhancing bus services and accelerating the decarbonisation of public transportation. This proactive approach indicates a commitment to collaborative decision-making and stakeholder involvement in shaping the future of transport.

Max Sugarman, Chief Executive of Intelligent Transport Systems UK (ITS UK), expressed enthusiasm about collaborating with the new transport ministers to implement innovative strategies. He highlighted the intelligent transport industry’s readiness to support government initiatives, from enhancing rail networks with smart ticketing to implementing environmentally-friendly road schemes.

Sue Percy CBE, Chief Executive of CIHT, echoed the sentiment of collaboration, stating that Haigh’s recognition of key priorities such as green transport and integrated systems aligns with CIHT’s advocacy efforts. Percy lauded the government’s clear strategic vision for transport and expressed a commitment to working together to create inclusive and efficient transport networks.

As Haigh embarks on her tenure as Transport Secretary, her forward-thinking approach and collaborative ethos have garnered support from industry leaders and professionals. With a focus on sustainability, innovation, and inclusivity, Haigh’s leadership signals a new era of transformative change in the transport sector.

Louise Haigh

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