Cala Homes proposes 186 homes and new school in Aberdour.

Cala Homes has recently submitted plans for a new residential development that will consist of 186 homes in Aberdour, along with a brand new school campus. This development is set to include 46 affordable homes, catering to a range of housing needs in the area.

The Hillside School, located in the northwest of Aberdour, is looking to construct a modern Additional Support Needs campus within its estate. This campus will be able to accommodate 35 pupils and feature 10 small business workspace units. The aim is to move away from the current B-Listed Hillside House, which has become impractical and costly to maintain, towards a more sustainable and energy-efficient building.

The proposed plans also involve the sale of a portion of the land to Cala Homes, who will be responsible for constructing a sustainable development. With 25% of the homes designated as affordable housing, this project aims to bring about a more connected and environmentally friendly living space.

Anne Harvey, the director of Hillside School, has expressed excitement about the potential benefits of this development. Not only will it provide a modern educational facility, but it will also help in maintaining current employment levels at the school, benefiting both students and staff alike.

Experts from Lichfields have highlighted the significant economic impact that this joint venture between Hillside School and Cala Homes is expected to bring to the local area. The construction phase alone is estimated to create around £31.6 million in economic activity per year and generate approximately 465 direct full-time construction jobs.

Once completed, the new homes are projected to contribute £2.5 million annually to the local economy through resident expenditure, supporting an additional 35 full-time jobs across various sectors. Overall, the development is anticipated to deliver £7 million per year in economic output and provide a boost to Fife Council’s revenues through additional council tax and business rates.

Stephen Faller, the land manager at Cala Homes (East), stresses the importance of sustainability in the proposed development. Plans include creating a gas-free environment, installing electric charging points, and implementing extensive tree planting throughout the area. Additionally, a dedicated cycle and pedestrian link will connect the village to the site, promoting alternative modes of transportation.

Following the initial Planning Permission in Principle (PPiP) granted in 2021, Cala Homes has made adjustments to the design based on community feedback. The new proposal includes a greater variety of housing types, with a focus on two-, three-, and four-bedroom properties, in addition to a significant number of affordable homes to cater to diverse housing needs.

This development will continue Cala Homes’ commitment to high-quality construction, with features such as air source heat pumps, EV charging points, and timber construction. The plans have been submitted to Fife Council after a detailed consultation process with the local community, and updates can be found on the dedicated website for more information.

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