Believable joins Octopus Electricverse!

Believ, a leading charge point operator (CPO), has joined forces with Octopus Electroverse, an electric vehicle (EV) charging platform, to enhance convenience for drivers when it comes to locating charge points and making payments for EV charging.

This partnership paves the way for EV drivers to access Believ’s expanding network of EV charge points through Octopus Energy’s Electroverse platform.

With the innovative ‘one-card, one-app’ approach of the charging platform, drivers can seamlessly access hundreds of thousands of charge points from 700 different charge point brands.

Through this collaboration, more than 1,400 chargers from Believ have been integrated into the Electroverse platform, making it effortless for EV drivers to locate and utilize them.

Believ prides itself on working closely with businesses and local authorities to manage a rapidly expanding network of charge points. This network spans 500 locations across the UK, offering charging speeds based on the needs of the users along with 100% renewable energy.

Guy Bartlett, the Chief Executive Officer of Believ, expressed his commitment to ensuring reliable and accessible charge points for all as more and more drivers make the transition to EVs. He highlighted the importance of the partnership with Octopus Electroverse in advancing this goal and contributing to the decarbonisation of UK roads.

Matt Davies, the Director of Octopus Electroverse, shared his excitement about adding more residential and town centre charge points to the platform. This move is set to streamline the process of EV charging, making it as simple as a tap of a card or app. Davies noted that this partnership aligns with the mission of simplifying EV charging for everyone.

With a focus on enhancing driver convenience and accessibility, Believ and Octopus Electroverse are working tirelessly to make EV charging a seamless experience for all, driving the transition towards a greener and more sustainable future.

Guy Bartlett


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