BYD teams up with Ayvens to boost electric car sales in Europe.

BYD, the Chinese carmaker known for its innovative electric vehicles, is teaming up with leasing and mobility giant Ayvens to boost the adoption of its electric cars and LCVs in Europe. This strategic partnership aims to provide funding and a range of services for corporate and retail customers across the continent.

The collaboration involves a tailored set of electric vehicle fleet solutions for both international and local corporate clients at Ayvens – previously known as ALD Automotive | LeasePlan. These solutions include advisory services, operational leases, and end-to-end charging services for BYD’s full range of electric vehicles.

Furthermore, SMEs and private individuals will benefit from white-labelled full-service leasing services available through BYD’s extensive dealer network. Initially, operational leasing services will be offered in France, the Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxembourg, with plans for expansion into other European markets in the near future.

Ayvens and BYD are committed to exploring more opportunities within the retail sector, expanding white label operational lease collaborations to facilitate the transition to electric vehicles across Europe. The companies will also focus on enhancing collaboration through training programmes and knowledge-sharing initiatives to drive innovation in ‘new energy’ plug-in hybrid and fully electric vehicles and battery technology.

This partnership is set to significantly increase the availability of electric vehicles in Europe. BYD, a leader in the field, has sold over 7.6 million new energy vehicles, surpassing Tesla as the world’s top-selling fully electric battery maker in the last quarter of 2023. Their groundbreaking innovations, such as the Blade Battery and Super DM plug-in hybrid technology, have set new benchmarks in safety, efficiency, and performance.

In Europe, BYD has already introduced an impressive lineup of seven new models, ranging from performance SUVs to compact hatchbacks, showcasing the brand’s commitment to innovation and sustainability. This includes the fully electric Tang seven-seater SUV, Han saloon, Atto 3 compact SUV, Dolphin hatch, Seal saloon, and Seal U SUV, along with the Seal U DM-I PHEV SUV.

The agreement between BYD and Avyens was signed by Tim Albertsen, group CEO of Ayvens, and Stella Li, executive vice president of BYD, in the presence of Wang Chuanfu, chairman and president of BYD Company, and other representatives from both companies.

Wang Chuanfu of BYD stated, “Our partnership with Ayvens demonstrates our shared vision to accelerate the growth of NEV markets in Europe. Together, we offer a diverse range of innovative products to promote the transition to eco-friendly lease fleets. Globally, BYD’s sustainable technology is leading the way towards a greener future of mobility, reducing carbon emissions and delivering exceptional EV experiences.”

Tim Albertsen, group CEO of Ayvens, added, “BYD’s dedication to environmentally friendly transportation aligns perfectly with our mission for a more sustainable world. We are excited to collaborate with them to expand the availability of electric vehicles in Europe and drive further innovation in electric vehicles and battery technology.”

This partnership follows recent deals between other Chinese carmakers and leasing companies, indicating a growing trend towards sustainable transportation solutions. Additionally, BYD Trucks Europe, a division of BYD, has partnered with Geotab for a telematics agreement. This collaboration will equip BYD’s electric trucks imported to Europe with Geotab’s telematics hardware, capturing comprehensive vehicle data to improve vehicle quality, maintenance, and service management.

Transport companies leveraging this technology will benefit from valuable insights for enhanced efficiency, operations, cost management, and fleet sustainability. This innovative approach marks a significant step towards a greener and more sustainable future in the mobility sector.

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