Aberdeen pledges £1m to combat cost of living crisis

Aberdeen City Council has unveiled a groundbreaking initiative to address the pressing issue of poverty and inequality within the community. The council has earmarked a substantial £1 million to support citizens in need over the upcoming year, with £250,000 dedicated to food provision and £50,000 for fuel vouchers.

This significant allocation of resources will be rolled out in two phases, with over £530,000 already being distributed and the remainder scheduled for later distribution. The first phase encompasses a wide array of support measures, including:

  • £250,000 designated for purchasing food and sustaining weekly shopping trips, facilitated by the esteemed food charity CFINE.
  • £50,000 set aside for fuel vouchers and expert energy guidance, administered by the reputable social enterprise SCARF.
  • £100,000 allocated for housing assistance.
  • £20,000 to supplement school clothing vouchers for approximately 5,000 students.
  • £20,000 for telecare services: innovative technology that aids vulnerable individuals within their homes.
  • £20,000 to facilitate the establishment of power of attorneys for those in vulnerable positions.
  • £60,000 dedicated to alleviating childcare expenses through the initiative ABZ works.
  • £20,000 for a promotional campaign led by SHMU, shedding light on the real-life experiences of individuals impacted by poverty.

The decision to allocate these funds was made after thorough consultations with external advisors, the Council’s Strategy Board, the Health and Social Care Partnership, the employability team of Aberdeen City Council Voluntary Organisation (ACVO), and Community Planning Aberdeen’s Anti-Poverty Outcome Improvement Group.

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