New Report on Housing Workforce Launched by CIH Scotland

The Chartered Institute of Housing (CIH) Scotland has recently released a groundbreaking report focusing on the housing management workforce in Scotland. The report, titled Careers in housing management: how to improve routes into the profession, aims to spark conversations about enhancing pathways into the housing management profession and highlights the crucial roles of both the housing sector and the government in making housing management an attractive career choice.

Callum Chomczuk, the national director of CIH Scotland, emphasised the significance of individuals working in the housing sector as key contributors to its success. He pointed out that while the sector does recruit outstanding individuals, many practitioners often stumble into housing without a clear recruitment strategy in place.

The report delves into the size and structure of the housing management workforce in Scotland, drawing insights from surveys conducted among social landlords and interviews with housing practitioners. Chomczuk highlighted the need for a national workforce strategy to attract talent to the Scottish housing sector and ensure the next generation is equipped with the necessary skills.

He stressed the importance of showcasing the value of a career in housing and establishing support systems to nurture future professionals. The report serves as a catalyst for discussions on improving pathways into the housing management profession and beyond, urging both the sector and government to collaborate in promoting housing management as a sought-after career option.

Reflecting on the report, Ian McLean, the chair of the sounding board, acknowledged its timeliness amidst growing focus on the future of the housing profession and professional development across the UK. He expressed hope that the report would elevate the profile of housing as a career choice and pave the way for practical initiatives to facilitate individuals pursuing careers in the housing sector.

This noteworthy report is a significant contribution to the ongoing dialogue on the future of housing management in Scotland and sets the stage for collaborative efforts to attract and retain top talent in the sector. By highlighting the importance of effective recruitment strategies and professional development opportunities, CIH Scotland’s report is poised to shape the future of the housing management workforce in Scotland.

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