Trust’s benefits team lands £2.7m for clients

Trust’s dedicated in-house benefits team has achieved a significant milestone by helping customers claim over £2.7 million in benefits throughout 2023/24. The team, comprised of three specialists, offers tailored advice and support on a wide range of benefits, including housing allowances, attendance allowance, council tax reduction, pension credit, and adult disability allowance.

This team of experts not only assists existing customers but also extends their support to anyone who has received an offer to reside in a Trust home. With 359 cases successfully resolved last year, their dedicated work has significantly improved the lives of customers.

Mykela, the welfare benefits partner at Trust, expressed her pleasure in helping customers secure the benefits they are entitled to. Customers usually approach the team when they are worried or in need of assistance, and the team is able to step in and alleviate their financial burdens, thereby relieving their worries.

“Each case is unique, and we ensure that the process of moving into their new home is as smooth as possible,” Mykela added.

Mr. Maxwell also shared his gratitude, praising the benefits team for their exceptional support and expertise in providing advice on benefits and finances. Their assistance has been particularly valuable in navigating the complex benefits system, especially for individuals with no prior knowledge.

Similarly, Mrs. Jack expressed her heartfelt thanks to the benefits team, highlighting that she would have been lost without their support. Resolving the issues she faced was a huge relief, and she commended the team for lifting the burden off her shoulders.

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