Hiring to boost public transport

The West Yorkshire Combined Authority has unveiled significant workforce changes to bolster the advancement of its mass transit schemes. The groundwork is being laid for an upcoming consultation in the following month concerning the initial phase of the ambitious project aimed at connecting the city hubs of Leeds and Bradford via a tram system.

With this evolution in progress, the Combined Authority is actively engaged in the hunt for a new Mass Transit Director. This pursuit has been necessitated by the decision of the incumbent, Luke Albanese, to step down due to personal reasons. While Rob Leech, a deputy director on the project, will assume the interim role, the appointment of a permanent Mass Transit Director is crucial in meeting Mayor Tracy Brabin’s commitment to commencing construction by 2028.

The interim director, Rob Leech, brings a wealth of experience in spearheading mass transit initiatives, having helmed projects in both the UK and Ireland, notably the tram deployment scheme between Edinburgh and Newhaven.

Simon Warburton, the Executive Director for Transport at the West Yorkshire Combined Authority, expressed his gratitude by stating, “We extend our heartfelt appreciation to Luke for his dedicated efforts over the past year. His leadership and technical acumen have been instrumental in catapulting the programme to its current stage, and we commend him for his contributions.

“Our strides towards materialising the Mass Transit project signify a pivotal aspect of our vision for a well-connected region that caters to all stakeholders. We also extend our gratitude to Rob Leech for assuming additional responsibilities during this transitional phase while we identify a suitable successor to Luke.”

In a bid to streamline the delivery of the programme, Warburton will persist in his current position, assuming ultimate accountability for executing the project amid a broader revitalisation of the transport system throughout West Yorkshire.

These initiatives geared towards enhancing transportation in West Yorkshire hold the promise of enhancing regional connectivity, stimulating job creation, and fulfilling environmental sustainability mandates. The concerted efforts to elevate the transport network in the region underscore a commitment to a future characterised by enhanced mobility, economic prosperity, and environmental stewardship.

Image credit: Stock and West Yorkshire Combined Authority

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