Ampere EV unit slashes Renault Group’s battery costs by 20%

Ampere, the electric vehicle arm of the Renault Group, has unveiled an exciting new plan aimed at significantly reducing the cost of batteries in its vehicles by a whopping 20% starting from 2026.

Ampere is set to cut down battery costs by approximately 20% by the beginning of 2026

This forward-thinking French firm has announced its intention to incorporate LFP (lithium iron phosphate) technology alongside its current NCM (nickel cobalt manganese) batteries. This decision comes after significant advancements in LFP technology over recent years and the strengthening of the value chain in Europe.

Ampere has partnered with esteemed suppliers LG Energy Solution and CATL to develop and implement the new LFP batteries. These innovative batteries are expected to power a range of Renault and Alpine vehicles starting early 2026.

Compared to NCM batteries, LFP technology is not only less energy-intensive but also more cost-effective. This move is a crucial step in Ampere’s mission to create more affordable electric vehicles, ultimately encouraging a greater number of drivers to make the switch to EVs.

Additionally, Ampere’s expert teams are collaborating with LG Energy Solution on the advancement of ‘Cell-to-Pack’ technology for pouch-type batteries. This groundbreaking technology not only enhances vehicle range but also contributes to reducing battery expenses.

The integration of both LFP and Cell-to-Pack technologies is projected to result in a remarkable 20% reduction in battery costs in Ampere’s vehicles, effective from early 2026.

Describing their strategic plan as a catalyst for major transformations within a short timeframe, Ampere aims to significantly lower vehicle costs and democratize electric mobility across Europe. The company’s vision is to provide an efficient and cutting-edge response to market trends and technological advancements, ensuring customers receive the best battery performance at the most competitive prices tailored to their specific needs.

Josep Maria Recasens, Chief Operating Officer of Ampere, expressed, “In a rapidly evolving and competitive landscape, our battery strategy exemplifies the efficacy of Ampere’s collaborative approach with top-tier partners, enabling smart resource allocation, flexibility, and swift execution. This strategic plan aligns with Ampere’s roadmap to achieve a 40% reduction in costs before the next generation of vehicles hits the market.”

Ampere currently collaborates with four battery partners: AESC Envision within the Ampere ElectriCity hub in Douai, France, for NCM batteries; CATL for LFP technology via its Hungarian plant; LG Energy Solution for both NCM and LFP batteries at its Polish facility; and Verkor for NCM technology from its gigafactory in Dunkerque, France. Battery assembly takes place at Ampere ElectriCity in Douai, France.

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