Volkswagen teams up with OVO for green energy.

Volkswagen Group UK has joined forces with green energy supplier OVO to present an exciting offer to customers – 10,000 free miles and various other bonuses await those who make a purchase. From 1st July 2024, customers acquiring vehicles from any of the Volkswagen Group brands can take advantage of OVO’s ‘Charge Anytime’ add-on, along with receiving up to 10,000 complimentary miles, bonuses and extra free EV miles through OVO Beyond.

Thanks to the collaboration with OVO, VW customers can charge their vehicles for a mere 7p/kWh at home, at any time of the day or night. The ‘Charge Anytime’ add-on, powered by Kaluza’s intelligent software, has allowed customers to save over £10 million since its inception in 2022.

This innovative add-on operates by automatically adjusting cars to charge during periods when carbon emissions and prices are at their lowest. In addition, when VW customers enrol with OVO, they will initially be granted 10,000 free miles, followed by an extra 1,000 free miles on each contract anniversary for the subsequent three years.

Even ICE car drivers can benefit, as they can accumulate EV miles to fuel their forthcoming electric vehicle through OVO Beyond. This entails receiving an additional 50 miles on top of the standard allowance of 100 EV miles per month for up to 24 months, provided they then proceed to purchase a new VW Group EV.

Kate Jeffreys, the Electric Vehicle Lead for Volkswagen Group UK, expressed her enthusiasm for the partnership with OVO by stating: “On top of our existing partnership with Ohme for home charging, we believe that the collaboration with OVO eliminates further obstacles for customers considering the switch to an electric vehicle. Buying, owning, and driving an electric vehicle is not only simple and convenient but also enjoyable! We envision that this latest addition to our comprehensive offering will serve as an enticing piece of the puzzle for consumers.”

Mat Moakes, OVO’s Chief Commercial Officer, shared in the excitement by stating: “OVO is dedicated to aiding customers in transitioning to electric vehicles. Together with Volkswagen Group, we are rewarding customers for making the switch to an EV. We are eager to expand our renowned Charge Anytime feature to a larger clientele than ever before, facilitating consumers on their electric vehicle journey and simultaneously reducing costs and carbon emissions.”

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