Top-rated toolkit cuts carbon

The Low Carbon Development Toolkit, developed by London Councils in collaboration with the London Borough of Hackney, has recently been acknowledged at the prestigious 2024 Planning Awards for its significant contribution towards addressing climate change. This innovative toolkit is designed to assist planning teams in the creation of low-carbon buildings and infrastructure, while also fostering innovation. Various policy and sustainability officers from local government agencies have actively participated in the development of this toolkit, which encapsulates a united response from the London borough.

Comprising thirteen essential documents, the toolkit offers valuable advice, guidance, and practical steps to be taken by councils in their efforts to promote and enforce low-carbon policies. Councils can utilise this toolkit in multiple ways, including:

  • Accessing guidance from Westminster
  • Measuring different aspects of sustainability policies through key performance indicators
  • Tracking carbon offset payments

Furthermore, the toolkit includes a reference link that directs councils to expert advice on the best practices of zero carbon planning and how the implementation of these practices can aid in achieving zero carbon status. In addition to advice, councils can also benefit from practical tools within the toolkit, such as pre-written text for creating online questionnaires on low carbon, zero carbon, and the climate emergency. The information gathered from these questionnaires can help identify areas where team training is required for upskilling purposes.

Notably, the lead boroughs for Low Carbon Development within London Councils are Hackney and Haringey, showcasing exemplary sustainability conditions alongside the City of London and Westminster. The creation of this toolkit is part of London Councils’ ambitious Low Carbon Development programme, which aims to establish low carbon buildings and infrastructure through borough planning by the year 2030.

Commenting on the recognition of the toolkit at the Planning Awards, London Councils expressed, “The award signifies the tireless efforts of local government in advancing low carbon development within the region.”

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