World’s First Hydrogen Race Car Revealed by Extreme E

Extreme E has officially introduced its latest innovation – the hydrogen-powered race car, marking the launch of Extreme H, the world’s premiere hydrogen racing series. The ‘Pioneer 25’ hydrogen race car, adorned in a striking Red Bull livery, was unveiled on the St. Helena ship against the iconic backdrop of London’s Tower Bridge. The countdown has now commenced for the inaugural season, set to kick off in April 2025.

Accompanying the grand reveal was the announcement of the championship’s race calendar, featuring 10 thrilling events across five global locations. The series will commence in Saudi Arabia, progressing to the UK, Germany, and Italy, before culminating in the USA. This strategic shift towards hydrogen technology showcases Extreme H’s commitment to promoting clean energy solutions within a high-stakes racing environment.

Since its inception in 2021, Extreme E has consistently maintained the lowest carbon footprint per race among all FIA series. Extreme H aims to transition to a system where 100% of the energy requirements are met through hydrogen fuel cells, supported by solar, battery, and wind power sources. In line with its sustainability ethos, the championship actively contributes to conservation efforts in the communities hosting its races, exemplifying a forward-thinking approach in the realm of sports.

Renowned racing figures like Carlos Sainz Sr. and Jimmie Johnson, as well as F1 luminaries Nico Rosberg, Jenson Button, and Lewis Hamilton, have thrown their support behind teams in the championship’s initial years. The lineup for the 2025 season is slated for announcement in the upcoming weeks. Following the collaboration announcement with Formula One and the FIA in 2023, Extreme H is poised to leverage collective expertise to explore hydrogen’s potential integration in motorsport and broader mobility scenarios.

Alejandro Agag, the visionary Founder and CEO of Extreme H, expressed immense pride in unveiling the pioneering hydrogen racing car and the evolution into Extreme H. The series promises fans heightened thrills with faster races while embodying a commitment to sustainable motorsport. Agag emphasised the power of hydrogen fuel cells in reducing carbon emissions and advocating for a cleaner energy landscape.

Co-founder of ACCIONA | SAINZ XE Team, Carlos Sainz, lauded the move into hydrogen, highlighting the championship’s role in fostering innovative sustainable mobility solutions. The endorsement extended by Jenson Button, Team Owner of JBXE Extreme E team, underscored the significance of Extreme H’s transition in revolutionising race fuel technology and minimising environmental impact.

The cutting-edge Pioneer 25 vehicle, crafted by Spark Racing Technology and fuelled by Symbio’s hydrogen fuel cell, serves as a testament to Extreme H’s technological prowess. Noteworthy partners such as PIF, ENOWA, Vodafone Business, Siemens, Symbio, and Jackson Swiss Partners are integral to driving the series’ success.

With details about competing teams and drivers for Extreme H soon to be unveiled, rigorous testing and development of the Pioneer 25 are well underway. The public will witness the extraordinary capabilities of the Extreme H Pioneer 25 car at its debut demonstration during the upcoming Hydro X Prix in Scotland, scheduled for July 13-14, 2024.

As Extreme H pushes boundaries in green racing, the future of motorsport shines brighter with each hydrogen-fuelled lap. Stay tuned for more electrifying updates as Extreme H propels towards a sustainable and exhilarating racing frontier.

Images courtesy of Matt Ben Stone / Extreme H.

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