Get Connected: More Green Energy Options

Plug Me In, a renowned provider of electric vehicle (EV) chargepoint and heat pump technology, is set to introduce solar and battery services after acquiring Environmental Energies Limited (EEL).

With this recent acquisition, Plug Me In solidifies its foothold as a premier provider of clean energy solutions, offering sophisticated home and commercial options for consumers.

This development marks a significant step in Plug Me In’s mission to make clean energy more accessible, positioning the company uniquely as a provider of comprehensive integrated clean energy systems spanning heat pumps, batteries, solar panels, and EV chargers.

By harnessing solar energy and storing it in batteries, businesses and homeowners can tap into this stored electricity to power heat pumps and charge electric vehicles, ultimately leading to long-term reductions in energy costs. These technologies offer sustainable solutions for those looking to transition to smarter, cleaner energy sources.

Committed to simplifying sustainable energy solutions for consumers, the acquisition of EEL brings onboard a team of seasoned clean energy professionals to Plug Me In, adding expertise in battery and solar services. EEL shares Plug Me In’s dedication to energy efficiency, carbon reduction, and exceptional customer service, aiding customers in their journey towards environmental responsibility.

Established in 2011 and headquartered in the Midlands, EEL offers nationwide energy infrastructure services for residential and commercial properties, including solar power and battery storage capabilities.

Similar to Plug Me In, EEL boasts a wealth of experience in net-zero energy infrastructure solutions and carbon reduction technologies.

Plans are in motion to expand the range of services for batteries and solar power, catering to the diverse needs of Plug Me In’s clientele and enhancing accessibility through innovative financing options and subscription services that offer long-term peace of mind. Leveraging its existing resources, expertise, and commitment to innovation, Plug Me In aims to make the transition to clean energy seamless and effortless.

Kim Ratcliffe, the Managing Director of Plug Me In, expressed, “Plug Me In is dedicated to pioneering innovative solutions that accelerate the shift towards clean energy. Through the acquisition of EEL and the integration of its skilled solar and battery technicians, we aim to expedite the adoption of clean energy technologies, seamlessly blending them with our existing heat pump and EV infrastructure offerings. Our collective knowledge will guide individuals and businesses towards more sustainable practices, aiding them on their path towards achieving net-zero emissions.”

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