Leith residents get top-quality window upgrades

Glasgow-based construction and manufacturing group CCG is partnering with Harbour Homes in Leith to carry out a large-scale window replacement programme for more than 479 households. The project is part of a three-phase initiative led by CCG’s Asset Management division, which began work on-site in August 2022.

The second phase, consisting of 90 homes, was successfully completed earlier this spring. The next phase will involve 93 households, with a total of 460 window sets, set to begin this summer and span a 12-week period. All the window sets for this project have been manufactured by CCG in their state-of-the-art facility in Cambuslang.

The windows are made of PVCu, a highly durable material known for its weather resistance and longevity. PVCu is a type of thermoplastic that can withstand weathering and rot, ensuring a lifespan of up to 40 years. Additionally, up to 50% of the material used is recycled, making it an environmentally friendly choice.

Jim Cunningham, CCG Asset Management manager, expressed his gratitude for the continued partnership with Harbour Homes. He highlighted the convenience of CCG’s all-in-one service, from supply to installation, which has been made possible through collaboration with REHAU, a leading polymer supplier.

Samsara McDonald, commercial sales manager at REHAU, praised the window replacement programme as a valuable initiative that will benefit almost 500 households in Leith. She emphasized the energy efficiency and weather performance of the TOTAL70 system, which is ideal for Leith’s coastal climate. The high-quality profile ensures long-lasting security, peace of mind, and energy savings for homeowners.

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