E.ON and Lendlease team up for green power.

E.ON and Lendlease Forge Partnership to Develop Groundbreaking Low-Carbon Energy Network in East London

In a promising collaboration, E.ON and Lendlease have recently signed a pivotal agreement to spearhead the development of an innovative low carbon energy network set to service approximately 6,500 new residential and commercial properties in Silvertown, East London. This groundbreaking project marks a significant stride towards environmental sustainability and sets a precedent for future eco-friendly developments.

The colossal 760,000 sqm Silvertown site has been earmarked as the inaugural home for the UK’s pioneering ectogrid™ system, a forward-thinking energy sharing network that relies on a sophisticated balance of heat pump and cooling technologies to operate efficiently. Upon completion, this cutting-edge system is projected to slash carbon dioxide emissions by an estimated 4,000 tonnes annually, showcasing an impressive 88% reduction in comparison to traditional gas boilers.

Chris Norbury, the Chief Executive of E.ON UK, expressed his enthusiasm for the collaboration, stating, “Allied to our recent investments in battery storage in Uskmouth, solar at the Port of Liverpool, and our geothermal energy solution for the Queen’s Medical Centre in Nottingham, this is yet another example of E.ON stepping up as a key player in the energy transition and making substantial investments in the UK’s energy future.”

He further added, “Enhancing energy accessibility and sustainability is a crucial facet of fostering UK’s economic growth, and such goals can only be realised with a resolute determination to deliver substantial societal advantages as well – generating opportunities for individuals across the nation and pioneering transformative changes that extend far beyond the realms of energy alone.”

Ed Mayes, the Development Director for Silvertown, echoed similar sentiments, emphasising the central role of sustainability in Lendlease’s ethos and their commitment to realising a low-carbon energy network as an integral component of their vision for Silvertown. Mayes hailed the ongoing partnership with E.ON as a pivotal step towards integrating the groundbreaking ectogrid™ system in the UK for the first time.

He remarked, “Unveiling the potential of this intricate site has been made possible through close collaborations with key stakeholders, including the London Borough of Newham, the GLA, Homes England, and The Guinness Partnership. With E.ON by our side, we are resolute in our determination to fulfil our zero-carbon aspirations.”

The Deputy Mayor for Housing and Residential Development, Tom Copley, underlined London’s commitment to a sustainable future, expressing a clear target of achieving net-zero carbon emissions by 2030. He commended projects like the Silvertown development for showcasing the possibility of delivering essential housing and low-carbon heating solutions through innovative approaches that combat the climate emergency and foster a greener urban landscape for all Londoners.

Darren Makin, the Director of Community Wealth Building at Newham Council, lauded Silvertown’s adoption of E.ON’s ectogrid™ system as a monumental leap forward in the borough’s pledge towards inclusivity and sustainability. Makin highlighted Newham’s pioneering Just Transition Plan launched last year, an urgent strategy aimed at prioritising CO2 emissions reduction and addressing the disproportionate impacts of climate change on society.

He remarked, “This groundbreaking low-carbon energy network not only promises a drastic reduction in emissions but also holds the potential to elevate the quality of life for our residents and cultivate a healthier, more prosperous community. The London Borough of Newham is steadfast in its support of this initiative, which aligns seamlessly with our vision for a greener, sustainable future.”

The development of the low carbon energy network at Silvertown epitomises a transformative shift towards sustainable living and underscores the collaborative efforts of industry leaders to champion eco-friendly innovations in urban development. With projects like these paving the way, there is tangible hope for a cleaner, greener tomorrow.

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