Osprey Housing: Certified Carbon-Savvy!

Osprey Housing Achieves Silver Accreditation as a Carbon Literate Organisation

Osprey Housing has recently been awarded silver accreditation by the Carbon Literacy Organisation, a significant achievement that highlights the organization’s dedication to sustainability and social responsibility. This recognition reflects Osprey Housing’s commitment to playing its part in combating climate change and reducing its carbon footprint.

The accreditation process involved the participation of Osprey’s team members and board in training modules developed in collaboration with Keep Scotland Beautiful. Through this training, individuals gained a deeper understanding of the climate emergency, the necessity of reducing emissions, and the importance of sustainability. By raising awareness on both collective and individual levels, Osprey Housing aims to align its goals with the sustainable ambitions outlined by the Scottish Government.

Moving forward, Osprey is working on establishing an in-house training programme in partnership with the Carbon Literacy Project to further promote the advantages of being carbon literate. This initiative underscores the belief that for organizations to truly reduce carbon emissions, a fundamental shift in culture is essential.

Expressing her enthusiasm towards this development, Stacy Angus, the CEO of Osprey Housing, stated, “We are dedicated to being a sustainable and environmentally-conscious organization. Equipping our team with the necessary skills, including carbon literacy, is crucial in meeting future challenges. This awareness directly influences how Osprey pursues its environmental sustainability goals and is integral to our vision of making a positive impact every day.”

The training programme provides essential knowledge on waste reduction, recycling practices, the promotion of sustainable technologies and materials, and the commitment to preventing pollution. Jane McWhirr, the Sustainability Officer at Osprey, commented on the customized training course delivered by Keep Scotland Beautiful last year and highlighted the organization’s ongoing efforts to integrate carbon literacy into induction and training processes for all staff and board members.

Currently, Osprey Housing oversees more than 1,800 properties within Aberdeen City, Aberdeenshire, and Moray. The in-house carbon literate training programme, inclusive of a test assignment, is delivered by Ms. McWhirr alongside Sofia Redford, Osprey’s Corporate Services Officer.

Ms. McWhirr emphasized that Osprey Housing has achieved silver-level accreditation as a Carbon Literate Organisation, with over 50% of the team having completed the training and passed the final assignment test. She also stated, “Moving forward, every new staff member or board candidate will be encouraged to complete the training. It is essential for everyone to consider the environmental impact of their actions both at home and in the workplace. This training provides valuable insights into climate change and how each individual can contribute to making a positive difference.”

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