Edinburgh Council to Revise Short-Term Let Policy

Edinburgh City Council is set to review its short-term lets licensing policy with a public consultation scheduled for this summer. The decision, approved by the regulatory committee on Friday 21 June, aims to evaluate the policy’s effects on residents and businesses since its implementation in 2023.

The consultation process will be widely publicised through the council’s consultation hub over the summer months. A comprehensive report detailing the findings and any additional recommendations will be presented in the Autumn.

Councillor Neil Ross, the regulatory convener, stated, “Giving everyone the opportunity to provide feedback on the short-term lets licensing scheme was a commitment we made last year. We are keen to hear about the impact of the scheme on the residents and businesses of Edinburgh.”

He further added, “With the approval of committee members today, we will now focus on launching a public consultation in the summer. I am confident that this initiative will enable us to gain valuable insights into how businesses, residents, and other stakeholders perceive the policy and regulation of short-term lets in Edinburgh.”

This move by the Edinburgh City Council marks a significant step towards ensuring the well-being of both residents and businesses in the area. The review process will provide valuable insights into the impact of the short-term lets licensing policy, facilitating potential improvements for all stakeholders involved.

Stay tuned for more updates on the outcomes of the public consultation and the subsequent recommendations that will be put forth in the Autumn. Your input is crucial in shaping the future of short-term lets regulation in Edinburgh!

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